Veteran Trades Apprenticeship Program

Become a Trades Apprentice

The National Park Service and Historic Preservation Training Center (HPTC), along with the Stewards Individual Placement Program, are initiating the Veteran Trades Apprenticeship Program. This program provides post-9/11 military service veterans hands-on skills training from NPS professionals on the maintenance and care of federal monuments and memorials at Civil War Battlefields.

Apprentices will receive introductory training in a variety of traditional trades and will develop an understanding of historic resource stewardship. This program will provide apprentices with marketable skills and excellent exposure to the historic preservation career field within the NPS as well as the private sector.

Program Timeline

There are two components to the Veteran Trades Apprenticeship Program:

  1. An initial training period
  2. An extended project period

For the first 4-6 weeks, apprentices will be based at Gettysburg National Military Park. During this training, apprentices will learn safety techniques, preservation philosophy, and will receive basic skills training. For the remainder of the program, apprentices will join crews of NPS craftspeople working on monument and memorial preservation projects at designated park sites. Throughout the duration of their terms, apprentices will work closely alongside experienced craftspeople, learning specialized preservation trades skills required in the care and maintenance of monuments, and additional skills as necessary.

Application Process

HPTC, as well as other organizations, advertise positions on the Conservation Legacy website. Enter the term “VETERAN” in the search box to find available listings.


For more information contact Danny Margoles, Stewards Program Coordinator, via phone (970-946-0405) or email or Hillary Lennox, HPTC Stewards Program Coordinator via email.

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