Upcoming Construction Projects at Albright Training Center

Construction Projects at Albright Training Center to Begin December 2018

From December 17, 2018 through January 30, 2019, Albright Training Center’s Kowski Hall and Student Lodging will temporarily close for multiple construction projects.

The projects include:

  • Construction of a gender-neutral bathroom in Kowski Hall
  • Installation of network and electrical lines in the classroom floors
  • New carpeting throughout Kowski Hall
  • Construction of a training/dining room in Apartment Building D

During the construction period, Albright’s Kowski Hall will close to the public and all events. Albright staff members will relocate their offices to Apartment Building A.

Apartment Building D and Karraker Lounge will remain closed until February 15, 2018.

These projects will enable us to better serve our guests and training attendees, in addition to modernizing our infrastructure to meet changing technological needs.


If you have any questions about Albright Training Center, our upcoming construction or using our facilities, please contact Superintendent Brenda Karl or our Facility Coordinator.

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