Traditional Finishes: Purified Linseed Oil

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Primary contact: Erin Gibbs
Where: San Francisco, CA
Oct 18 - 20, 2022


Purified, or degummed, linseed oil is enjoying a renaissance as a finish for wood preservation, but its application and suitability for preservation projects require understanding its behavior and application for it to be effective. Students attending Traditional Finishes: Purified Linseed Oil will learn the basic properties and application procedures of degummed linseed oil products and pine tar, including raw and boiled linseed oil, and linseed oil paint and glazing putty. Through discussion and practice applying these materials, students will explore how they can be used as a system to protect exterior historic wood resources, including windows. Trainees will also learn about the differences between purified linseed oil systems and modern water-borne latex and acrylic paints commonly used in painting projects, as well as the factors required to consider prior to using linseed oil in preservation projects.


  • Katherine Wonson, Preservation Training and Education Director, Historic Preservation Training Center
  • Erin Gibbs, Program Manager, BEST Preservation Workshops, Historic Preservation Training Center


  • $350 – General participant
  • $50 – Student (at least half time in an accredited institution)
  • $25 – San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park employees

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