Thinking Through Water, Air, and Energy Issues in Historic Structures



Canceled: Due to COVID-19, this course has been canceled, but will likely be offered in 2021.

Historic buildings were traditionally designed to manage the air, moisture, and energy moving through their materials and structure. When these systems are altered through a change in use, materials, or design, it can disrupt the relationship between these elements, causing unintended damage to historic fabric. While this damage is usually in the form of moisture problems, it cannot be addressed without first understanding air and energy as well. Thinking Through Water, Air, and Energy Issues in Historic Structures teaches students the mechanics and associated concepts of moisture, air, and energy dynamics as a starting point before examining how to effectively manage these in historic structures.

Trainees will learn how to identify the cause of deterioration as a function of air, water, and energy movement, mitigate issues that have arisen as a result of poor interventions, and evaluate treatment strategies, both historic and modern, through the lens of building and occupant health and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. Participants are encouraged to bring air, water, and energy issues from their home regions for discussion and group problem solving.



  • $250 General participant
  • $50 Student (at least half time in an accredited institution)
  • $25 Grand Teton National Park employees

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