Providing On-site Customer Service

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How do you make a good impression when providing customer service in the field?

When you meet customers on their turf, your initial meeting forms the basis for their overall impression of you, your abilities, and your company. You can enhance the impressions you make in the field by using tried-and-true techniques, including being prepared, practicing customer recognition, and employing active listening so the customer feels reassured by your presence.

To kick off your face-to-face service meeting, you should try to start on a positive note, clearly set the expectations for resolution time and scope, and help customers fully understand your products and services, as well as your intentions.

This skill-building course takes your customer service proficiency up a notch toward excellent customer assistance.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Match each stage of the on-site customer assistance process with actions that can be carried out during that stage to provide good service
  • Recognize strategies to interact with customers and provide excellent customer service when at their location
  • Provide excellent customer service in the field in a given scenario

Estimated Completion Time

1 Hour/s


Target Audience: Individuals who want to develop or refresh their customer service skills

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