Preservation Horticulture Workshop

Cultural Landscapes Program
Primary contact: Cultural Landscapes Program
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Where: Vancouver, WA
Aug 27 - 29, 2019


An employee looks up into the branches of a fruit tree as another employee uses a long-handled pole saw to prune the branches.

This preservation horticulture course provides participants with a foundation in maintaining trees and shrubs to perpetuate the historic character of a cultural landscape.

Participants will learn how to apply Cultural Landscape Inventories and Cultural Landscape Reports to daily maintenance tasks. Several hands-on classes in the historic Fort Vancouver grounds will provide training in essential landscape maintenance skills. Special emphasis will be placed on historic vegetation management issues facing western parks, including maintaining native plants within historic districts.

The NPS Learning and Development Program, Park Cultural Landscapes Program, and Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation are collaborating to providing this workshop. The course will be taught by park Horticulturalists, Arborists, and Historical Landscape Architects.

 Above: Preservation Horticulture Workshop participants use a pole saw to prune an orchard at John Muir National Historic Site (NPS Photo).


Ten people pose in a line near a tall shrub, holding up pruning tools like saws and loppers

Preservation Horticulture Workshop participants at John Muir National Historical Site, 2017 (NPS Photo).

Learning Objectives

Students will develop skills in:

  • Identifying historic vegetation
  • Completing tree and shrub condition assessments
  • Pruning trees and shrubs
  • Replacing historic plants
  • View management
  • Plant health care
  • Considerations for fire management within historic sites and districts
  • Establishing native plants in designed landscapes


Workshop Duration: Three full days; 24 hours instruction time.

Target Audience: This course in intended for National Park Service employees responsible for maintaining historic sites.

RegistrationTravel scholarships are available.

Course is limited to 20 participants.

Contact: Susan Dolan, Park Cultural Landscapes Program Manager via email (susan_dolan@nps.gov) or phone (206-220-4132).

About Registering in DOI Talent:

  • You must have an approving manager selected before you request enrollment
  • Registering is a 2-step process:
    • First, navigate to the page for the Preservation Horticulture Workshop and click "ENROLL ME"
    • Second, select the specific session you want to attend. Look at the far right-side column under "Options" (you may need to scroll over). Click "SIGN UP".
  • You will not be approved until your manager approves your request.
  • You can download a job-aid with screenshots to help you with the process.

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  1. This is the third year in a row this training will be held. So far, this has been a great experience for the participants and instructors alike.


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