Orientation to National Park Service Natural Resource Management

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This course outlines the evolution of the natural resource stewardship philosophy of the National Park Service. It identifies laws, policies, and legal authorities that govern natural resource management and introduces foundational concepts and tools for science-based management, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, and the fundamentals of natural resource leadership.

The course concludes with a simple case study which provides learners with the opportunity to apply the course material by responding to a threat to a park resource.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the evolution of the philosophies that inform natural resource management and provide the foundation for natural resource stewardship in the NPS
  • Identify the policies, laws, legal authorities, and other guidance that govern natural resource management within the NPS
  • Locate and use existing data and studies to identify and describe resource threats and management challenges to protect natural resources on local, regional, and national scales
  • Participate in interdisciplinary teams, communicate research results and resource information, and make inferences that help the team prepare management objectives and actions
  • Describe the organizational structure on the NPS natural resource programs and the value of effectively engaging with partners to manage natural resources


Target Audience:

Natural resource professionals at the entry/developmental level, any natural resource professional new to the NPS, and NPS employees from any career field who are interested in learning more about natural resource management.


Natural resource professionals: Introduction to the Career Academy for Natural Resources.

Other career fields: none.

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