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Called “Next Generation Bison Connect Training” in DOI Talent, this training opportunity enables NPS employees to learn about the features and functions of Office 365, the new email and collaboration system replacing Google.

Evolve 365 is a learning solution that focuses on micro-learning, allowing you to quickly and easily search and find video training for any Office 365 feature or functionality.  You simply need to navigate through the library of content, search for content, follow a link in one of the emails sent to you, or access the Skills link from the top navigation. Once you access the video you will find a quick 30 – 90 second training video that will guide you through the feature.

Within Evolve 365 Skills you will find a collection of smaller videos combined into a short playlist that lasts around 60 minutes and includes sample exercises.


After clicking the Register Now button above and the Enroll button in DOI Talent, you will find the link to the training at the bottom of the page:

A screenshot of a course page in DOI Talent that shares information about the course and a link to take the training.

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