NPS Cooperating Associations: Partnering to Inspire – Planning For Success Part 2

Sheri Forbes
Tom Richter
Kelli English
Profile photo of Abby Adkins
Primary contact: Sheri Forbes, Tom Richter, Kelli English, Abby Adkins
Where: Online
May 17, 2021


Are you ready to get started on your park’s Annual Aid-to-NPS and Annual Operating Plan? Do you have questions about how to complete the plans and would like guidance from WASO and regional cooperating association coordinators?

This is the fifth webinar in an ongoing series of trainings about the vital partnership between the National Park Service and Cooperating Associations. This webinar will take a “deep dive” into three required planning documents that are key to a successful partnership.

Director’s Order 32 emphasizes the importance of superintendents involving Cooperating Associations in long range plans. Participants will explore the details of the Annual Park Operating Plan, focus on documenting appropriate use of Aid-to-NPS donations using the Annual Aid-to-NPS Work Plan, and learn how to keep a Scope of Sales Statement updated and relevant. Participants will share successful examples from the field and discuss COVID-era impacts on this year’s planning process.

Primary Audience

This webinar is intended for Superintendents, Program Managers, Cooperating Association Executive Directors and Coordinators, and any other NPS and cooperating association employee interested in the topic.

Learning Objectives

This webinar:

  • Explores relevant sections of DO/RM 32 and the 2019 Office of Inspector General (OIG) report directing parks to collaborate with their cooperating associations in crafting plans that are vital to sustaining these historic partnerships.
  • Continues a deep dive into the intent and purpose, key points, and challenging aspects of the Annual Park Operating Plan.
  • Identifies appropriate and inappropriate use of donated funds and outlines what needs to be reported in an Annual Aid-to-NPS Work Plan.
  • Determines which aspects of the Scope of Sales Statement should be reviewed annually and shares best practices for effective usage.
  • Inspires parks and partners to work collaboratively to enable these tools to enhance the strength of the partnership, especially during challenging times.

Estimated Completion Time

2 Hour/s


The webinar will be closed captioned and recorded. The recording will be made available for viewing on the Common Learning Portal on the NPS Cooperating Associations and Partnerships page.

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