NPS Agreements Technical Representative (ATR) Online Refresher

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This online module is a refresher course for NPS Agreements Technical Representatives to maintain ATR certification.

The NPS Agreements Technical Representative (ATR) Refresher course consists of four modules:

  1. Definition and historical perspective of Financial Assistance and the proper use of Financial Assistance
  2. Legal authorities related to Financial Assistance and policy, guidance, and other resources to assist the ATR
  3. Types of Financial Assistance, the appropriations law and budgets related to Financial Assistance, and maintaining competition and transparency in Financial Assistance awards
  4. Purchase request packages related to Financial Assistance and ATR requirements and responsibilities

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the module, you should be able to:

  • Define Financial Assistance, including the concept of public purpose and the related legal context
  • Describe the various legal instruments of Financial Assistance, such as Cooperative Agreements
  • Describe the legal authorities that provide authorization for Financial Assistance
  • Describe the various sources of regulation and guidance related to Financial Assistance such as OMB, the Red Book and more
  • Define various types of legal instruments compared to Financial Assistance
  • Describe the ways that appropriations law applies to Financial Assistance
  • Describe the strategies and techniques for ensuring competitiveness and transparency
  • List the required forms and templates for award and administration
  • List the requirements and responsibilities of the ATR
  • Describe the methods and requirements for monitoring a Financial Assistance award


Completion Credit: When you complete the course, you should inform FA_Certifications@NPS.gov that you completed your ATR training and you must submit your completion certificate. Instructions for submitting your certificate are located in the Google Drive.

Target Audience: Agreements Technical Representatives (ATRs) requiring refresher to maintain certification.

Prerequisites: None.

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