Leading in the Post-pandemic Workplace

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It’s safe to say that the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly every human life on the planet. It has wrought disruption, hardship, loss, grief, sickness, and death to a global population. And its effects will linger for years. In the aftermath of the worst of it, the world is struggling to create an evolving new normal. What that will look like for businesses and other organizations is yet to be determined, and indeed will likely remain so for some time to come.

As we emerge from quarantine and social distancing and adapt to these changing circumstances, organizational leaders will have many new priorities and employee safety to consider. The workplace may never be the same. As a result, leaders must be ready to prepare and enable themselves and their teams to reestablish work routines. The time is now to think about how you can reconnect with and reengage your people, review and rewrite your policies, and redesign your workspaces.

Materials in this course are based upon content provided in partnership with MIT Sloan Management Review.

Learning Objectives

In this course, participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the physical and safety factors to consider when preparing to reopen a workplace, post-pandemic
  • Recognize key considerations when creating policies for the post-pandemic workplace
  • Recognize considerations for helping employees readjust as they return to the post-pandemic workplace

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