Introduction to Climate Change in National Parks

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Climate change affects every aspect of national parks, from managing their natural and cultural resources and visitors’ experiences to planning facilities that can withstand increasingly severe weather.

This course begins by explaining the basic science of climate change. Students will become familiar with policies, programs, and partnerships that guide and support climate change response and science. Case studies highlight ways the changing climate is impacting resources at parks from Alaska to the Everglades. The course also introduces the principles park managers are using to assess, adapt, and plan for changing conditions. Learners will leave the course knowing where to find more in-depth information and assistance in dealing with specific problems.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the basic science of climate change and how climate change impacts park resources
  • Characterize how the National Park Service responds to climate change and approaches climate adaptation
  • Describe policies and programs for responding to climate change
  • Identify sources of additional information, expertise, and assistance in responding to climate change

Estimated Completion Time

2 Hour/s


Target Audience

Natural resource professionals at the entry/developmental level, natural resource professionals at any level who are new to the National Park Service, and employees in any field who are interested in how climate change impacts resources managed by the National Park Service.



This class is part of the Foundational Series in the Career Academy for Natural Resources.

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