Historic Masonry Preservation & Repair



Canceled: Due to COVID-19, this course has been canceled, but will likely be offered in 2021.

Traditional and historic masonry buildings are relatively simple construction systems but their proper preservation, repair, and maintenance require a sound understanding of their components—stone, brick, and mortar—and their weathering. These challenges are often exacerbated by previous repairs and deferred maintenance, often with materials incompatible with normal performance.

This workshop will introduce students to historic masonry preservation with a focus on the properties and weathering of masonry system components, and the use of traditional methods for repair. Participants will discuss the importance of condition survey, diagnosis, and preservation options in the context of NPS preservation standards. Trainees will also learn basic conservation science for stone, brick, and mortars, and engage in hands-on work in the field performing simple masonry repairs such as repointing mortar joints and stabilizing courses. Participants can expect to work both in the classroom and in the field at historic gatehouses in Acadia National Park.



  • $250 General participant
  • $50 Student (at least half time in an accredited institution)
  • $25 Acadia National Park employees

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