Foundations of Accessibility Certificate Program

Michelle Cook (Eppley)
Primary contact: Michelle Cook (Eppley)
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Where: Online
Oct 5 - Dec 18, 2020


The Eppley Institute for Parks & Public Lands is offering an online certificate program aimed at helping professionals establish a strong foundation in the physical and programmatic components of accessibility compliance. During the four-unit course, participants will explore various components of disability and accessibility, access, and standards and guidelines for accessible design.

Each of the four units consist of one applied assignment that relates to your community, organization, or agency. A final capstone assignment is due after completing the online coursework.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define both disability and accessibility.
  • Describe how these concepts relate to visitor engagement.
  • Recognize the cross-disciplinary nature of providing equal access to and use of all areas, facilities, programs, and services in parks, recreation, and public lands by visitors with disabilities.
  • Identify the legislation, regulations, and policies related to physical, electronic, and program accessibility.
  • Apply standards and guidelines for physical accessibility in the planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and repair of visitor facilities in ways that balance the need for accessible visitor experiences with the protection of natural and cultural resources.
  • Apply standards and guidelines for program accessibility in the development and implementation of visitor activities, programs, materials, and services in ways that balance the need for accessible visitor experiences with the protection of natural and cultural resources.
  • Develop and implement formal and informal evaluation methods to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations for both physical and program accessibility.

Estimated Completion Time

25 Hour/s


If you'd like to take this course with colleagues, three cohorts are available each year. The first cohort begins in February and ends in May. The second cohort begins in June and ends in September. The third cohort begins in October and ends in January.

Register for the cohort that best fits your schedule.  Remember to select the time frame using the drop down available on the registration page!

Individual Option: The individual option for the Certificate Program is currently accepting students.

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