For Educators: Empowering Teachers and Students Through Problem-based Learning

Samantha Heinritz
Primary contact: Samantha Heinritz
Where: Online
August 8, 2019


We Got You Covered: For Educators, By Educators webinar series is an effort to build a more collaborative community for park educators that inspires and fosters open communication and the exchange of ideas. The purpose of this forum is to establish an additional opportunity or “space” for educators to share and learn about relevant topics that directly impact youth and teacher engagement.

Good Interpreters are Good Educators & Good Educators are Good Interpreters!

Join Samantha Heinritz to explore how leveraging partnerships with teachers can expand your outreach capacity. While Colorado National Monument has limited education staff, the program is empowering teachers to use the monument’s resources for problem-based learning. The problem-based learning model introduces students to real-world authentic problems, and promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, leadership, and communication skills.

In this webinar, we will look at an example of local students engaging with park resource issues, then discuss how other parks can define issues relevant to their site and work collaboratively with partners to build problem based learning opportunities.

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