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Brigitte Keels
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January 23, 2020


The Experienced Services Program is designed to support and augment the capacity of the NPS to meet its mission goals and objectives in areas where it lacks sufficient expertise, technical skills, and/or capacity. Currently the NPS has a $12 billion plus deferred maintenance backlog and other capacity issues that are threatening to inhibit the ability of the Service to adequately protect and maintain the treasured public land of the United States of America. Additionally, the responsibilities of the NPS have grown greatly over the last several decades but the workforce has not adequately augmented its capacity. This has led to a technical expertise deficit and a decreased capacity to provide support in some critical program areas.

Through the engagement of highly qualified workers in a temporary capacity, the NPS can, in a cost effective and efficient manner, meet its strategic and mission goals of protecting and maintaining its park units and provide necessary administrative support to field personal. This program will allow the NPS to quickly add a temporary capacity to support our Federal workers as they work to sustain our park operations and respond to unexpected events and issues that occur throughout the system. The Experienced Services Program will allow the NPS to implement temporary fixes and address critical problems.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand how the Experienced Services Program (ESP) can help the NPS to add temporary capacity and support for park operations and program offices
  • Understand the financial assistance guidance regarding the ESP Program
  • Understand the processes and procedures for engaging the two non-profit partner organizations National Older Workers Career Center (NOWCC) and Senior Service America (SSA) supporting the ESP


Target Audience: Supervisors, all NPS employees

Time: 1pm - 3pm ET

Tuition: None - Paid by WASO Learning and Development. Note: You are responsible for your travel if you are not local.

Registration closes January 17, 2019.

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