Distance Learning – What the What?

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Primary contact: Phillip Molnar
Where: Online
February 12, 2020


When: Wednesday February 12 at 1:00 Eastern
Who: Kathryn Ferguson (ROMO), Kathryn Gilson (STLI), and Steph Pooler (RICH)
Where: Virtually

We Got You Covered: For Educators, By Educators webinar series is an effort to build a more collaborative community for park educators that inspires and fosters open communication and the exchange of ideas. The purpose of this forum is to establish an additional opportunity or “space” for educators to share and learn about relevant topics that directly impact youth and teacher engagement.

During this conversation Katheryn, Katheryn, and Steph will share their collective wisdom as it relates to distance learning. Not sure where to start with distance education, or what technology to use, or how to make the curriculum engaging? Check out this webinar!

We’ll hear from the team as they share success stories, challenges, and best practices from their experiences in delivering distance based education. There will be ample time to interact with them and ask questions to help you get a distance learning program off the ground at your site.

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