Defining the Problem: Diagnosing Historic Building Deterioration



Canceled: Due to COVID-19, this course has been canceled, but will likely be offered in 2021.

Defining the Problem: Diagnosing Historic Building Deterioration covers the field documentation and investigation step of the preservation process. In this workshop, students examine historic structures in the field and record conditions on a site-wide scale in an effort to identify the root causes of building failure. Rather than give prescriptive answers to common issues, this course encourages trainees to work through observed problems in small groups and hypothesize what underlying issues are affecting the resource and why. Taking this a step further, trainees also design ways to test their hypotheses, learn about different options for non-destructive evaluation (NDE), and experiment with using NDE techniques in the field.



  • $250 General participant
  • $50 Student (at least half time in an accredited institution)
  • $25 Grand Teton National Park employees

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