Connected Conservation Webinar Series

Bryan Faehner
Primary contact: Bryan Faehner
Where: Online
December 9, 2020


The Connected Conservation webinar series focuses on tools and strategies the National Park Service can use to conserve park system resources at the landscape and seascape level. Learn more about innovative work underway across the continent to bring people together to collaborate on conserving our important landscapes and the myriad ecological, cultural, and economic benefits they provide.

Upcoming Webinars

November 18 at 3 ET—Connecting Ecosystems for Adaptation to Landscape Dynamics

  • David Theobold, geographer, conservation biologist, and landscape ecologist
A primary strategy for adaptation to landscape dynamics due to climate and land use change is to conserve the connectivity for natural — and human — systems through protecting, maintaining, or restoring connectivity. David Theobold is a geographer, conservation biologist, and landscape ecologist who specializes in assessing the effects of land use change on wildlife habitat and biodiversity at local to national to global scales. In this presentation, he will briefly describe an indicator of landscape permeability and illustrate its use through a few case studies. Throughout, we’ll wrestle with the trade-offs and challenges of “scaling up” to situate connectivity conservation within broader contexts (e.g., national and international) while simultaneously connecting conservation to place.

December 9 at 3 ET—Connected Conservation in Costa Rica 

This series is a partnership between the NPS and the Network for Landscape Conservation.

Estimated Completion Time

1 Hour/s


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Did you miss a webinar you were interested in? You can view recordings of past webinars on the Connected Conservation YouTube channel or use this list of past webinars by topic (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Videos are generally 40 minutes – 1 hour long.

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