Connected Conservation Webinar Series

Bryan Faehner
Primary contact: Bryan Faehner
Where: Online
October 7, 2020October 14, 2020November 4, 2020
All Dates
  • October 7, 2020
  • October 14, 2020
  • November 4, 2020
  • November 18, 2020


The Connected Conservation webinar series focuses on tools and strategies the National Park Service can use to conserve park system resources at the landscape and seascape level. Learn more about innovative work underway across the continent to bring people together to collaborate on conserving our important landscapes and the myriad ecological, cultural, and economic benefits they provide.

Upcoming Webinars

October 7 at 3 ET — Battlefield Preservation Planning Grants as a Partnership Tool

The armed conflicts that shaped the growth and development of the United States span the breadth of American history and geography and help tell the full American story – from 16th century conflicts between Indigenous peoples and Spanish colonists to World War II in the Pacific. This webinar will introduce NPS American Battlefield Protection Program grants as tools to foster partnerships between conservation, heritage, and community organizations, with a particular focus on the Battlefield Preservation Planning Grant program. These grants have a broad mandate, supporting Tribal, state, and local governments and nonprofit and educational organizations in a wide variety of preservation and stewardship activities, including consensus building, land use and conservation planning, oral history, archeological survey, interpretive programming, and documentary filmmaking. The American Battlefield Protection Program will share expanded guidance on eligible sites and activities for FY2021 and lead a discussion on how we can collaborate with NPS parks, programs, and partners to encourage proposals from new applicants and recognize and decrease barriers to entry in the short and long term.

October 14 at 3 ET— Enhancing Collaborative Conservation of a Fragmented Metapopulation of Desert Bighorn Sheep

  • Christina Aiello, National Park Foundation Conway Fellow
  • Dr. Clinton Epps, Professor (OSU)
  • Nathan Galloway (NPS)

November 4 at 3 ET—Forest Health Tools

November 18 at 3 ET—Connecting Ecosystems for Adaptation to Landscape Dynamics

This series is a partnership between the NPS and the Network for Landscape Conservation.

Estimated Completion Time

1 Hour/s


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Videos are generally 40 minutes – 1 hour long.

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