Beginning Historic Wood Windows Preservation

Profile photo of Erin Gibbs
Primary contact: Erin Gibbs
Where: Moose, WY
Jun 27 - Jul 1, 2022


In Beginning Historic Wood Window Preservation, participants are introduced to the basics of window preservation, including documenting condition, stripping paint, preparing weathered wood, back-bedding and glazing, glass cutting, and painting. Trainees will also learn about and practice using purified linseed oil products as a treatment system for glazing and painting wood windows. To compliment hands-on work, students will participate in discussions on why we preserve historic windows; options for increasing historic windows’ energy efficiency; and how to apply the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties to window projects.


  • Tim Green, Lead Preservation Craft Trainer, Historic Preservation Training Center
  • Erin Gibbs, Program Manager, BEST Preservation Workshops, Historic Preservation Training Center


  • $500 – General participant
  • $50 – Student (at least half time in an accredited institution)
  • $25 – Grand Teton National Park employees

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