Asset Management for Historic Structures

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Primary contact: Erin Gibbs
Where: Moose, WY
Sep 12 - 15, 2022


Students in Asset Management for Historic Structures will learn to apply best practices of both facility management and cultural resources to historic landscapes and structures. Through a digital learning laboratory and practical application, students will develop a shared understanding of how these two approaches work together to effectively manage historic resources. Learners will be in the classroom for twelve hours to prepare for field work and a presentation of their findings. The remaining time will be spent in the field evaluating a historic structure and developing a maintenance plan that adheres to the principles of cultural resources and to the Asset Management Process, culminating with a final group presentation to the rest of the class. Students will complete an online component prior to the workshop that includes two e-courses and preparation for an informal presentation to be given at the start of the workshop.


  • Christy McCormick, Senior Program Manager, Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands
  • Sandy Pusey, Training Team Lead, Park Facility Management Division
  • David Reus, Facility Management Systems Specialist, Grand Teton National Park


  • $500 – General participant
  • $50 – Student (at least half time in an accredited institution)
  • $25 – Grand Teton National Park employees

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