Advanced ARPA Resource Damage Assessment Training

Primary contact: Cari_Kreshak@nps.gov
Where: Online
Oct 29 - Nov 19, 2020


We are excited to bring you a virtual Archeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) Resources Damage Assessment training. Please read the description thoroughly to determine if this training is for you. Pay attention to the schedule and expectations for participation. ***Students must complete all weekly homework assignments and participate in all three webinars in order to receive credit for completion.***

The Archaeological Resources Protection Act (ARPA) requires archaeologists to prepare a Resource Damage Assessment (RDA) as part of their involvement in a violation of ARPA. Many archaeologists are ill-prepared to complete an ARPA RDA that will withstand the scrutiny of the federal legal system. Students come away from introductory training courses with a basic understanding of the process, but are not ready to take on an ARPA case (civil or criminal; simple or complex) without further training and mentoring. This purposefully small-sized focused class will help those employees that need to be skilled in preparing an RDA that is legally sound and begin the process of learning to peer review draft RDAs.

Course Schedule

Pre-Webinar Assignments: October 29 – November 4, 2020. Weekly homework assignments.

Webinar #1: November 5, 2pm-4pm ET
Webinar #2: November 12, 2pm-4pm ET
Webinar#3: November 19, 2pm-4pm ET

Learning Objectives


After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Identify best practices for preparing an RDA
• Determine the best way to organize and write an RDA for a variety of case types
• Understand the use of subject matter experts in the RDA
• Be familiar with presenting RDA content in a courtroom setting
• Understand and be prepared to serve as a peer reviewer for RDAs.

Estimated Completion Time

10 Hour/s



Audience: Participants should be professional cultural resource managers (archeologists, curators, architects, historians). They must also have taken a comprehensive introductory ARPA class or provide documentation of equivalency in work knowledge and experience. Applicants should have written one or more RDAs that can be used to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the process.

Structure: Hosted in a completely online environment, this class is highly interactive and it is delivered over the course of three weeks. Flexible by design, this course is comprised of self-guided work and instructor led webinars. Total time to complete the course is approximately 10 hours.

Instructor: This pilot training is being instructed by Dr. Caven Clark. Caven is a retired NPS employee and expert in ARPA. Caven has worked on over 30 ARPA cases and continues to teach ARPA to federal and tribal entities.

Class Size: 10 participants

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