Use of Force Training Test and Certification

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NEW for 2018 only, commissioned rangers must complete Use of Force training and be certified by October 18 2018. This date change is due to a major system shutdown to transition from DOILearn to DOITalent.


To find a field training class near you, contact your supervisory Law Enforcement Officer. The field training and test together meet the required 2 hour minimum annual Use of Force training requirements.

NEW Mandatory Annual Test:

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate use of force skills through testing
  • Apply use of force skills through testing


How to take the test:

  1. Register for the Use of Force Annual Training Test on DOI Learn (instructions below).
    • Plan approximately 1 hour to take the test:
      • This is an "Open book" test - you may use available resources.
      • You have up to 2 attempts to pass the test.
    • DOI Learn (the official learning system of record) provides access to the test and records your certification.
      • Once the field training is completed and the training test is passed, you may request a "certificate of completion".
      • Completion records will automatically show up on your DOI Learn transcript.
      • This record will follow you throughout your career.

The test is required for annual certification requirements by RM-9 and is standardized across the NPS.

Registration Process in DOI Learn:

  1. Log into DOI Learn.
  2. Search for 2018 Use of Force Annual Training Test for the test.
    • Click “Submit Request" (this sends the request to your supervisor).
  3. Your supervisor must approve your training request in DOI Learn before you can take
    the online test.

Note to supervisors: Supervisors must approve trainees' request to take the test.



The Use of Force (UOF) class has been taught to commissioned rangers in the field for years. In 2017, a training test requirement was added and has been rolled out to standardize and evaluate the facts, information, and skills acquired by a commissioned employee through experience and education related to the UOF class.

This Use of Force test along with the instructor-led class meets the required 2 hour minimum annual training found in NPS Reference Manual 9. Every officer must certify each calendar year by December 31st through the completion and passing of the Use of Force test with a minimum score of 80%.

Reference Material:

  • Reference Manual 9 (RM9) Ch. 7
    • Section 1
    • Section 4.2.2 (Use of Force)
    • Section 4.2.6
    • Section 5

This training is considered a User Defined Task (UDT) in DOI Learn.

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