Trades Alive! Call for Submissions

Close up view of a trowel and mash hammer.

What is Trades Alive?

Calling all trades specialists, videographers, and everyone interested in keeping traditional trades skills alive!

Trades Alive isĀ an effort to generate a community approach to creating historic preservation trades tutorial videos. Historic preservation experts across the National Park Service can submit high-quality videos of techniques and technologies to share their knowledge and skills with others in our video series.

Check the videos currently in the Trades Alive series.

How do I get involved?

“I already have a video.”
Awesome! Email us and we’ll get it up on the site.

“I can create a video on my camera.”
Perfect! You can shoot a trades video on your own camera or smart phone. Feel free to check out our tips and tricks on shooting a video for Trades Alive. If you need help editing your video, send us an email.

“I want to create a video but I don’t have a camera.”
No problem! We have a few video kits we can loan out to parks or programs for a pay period or two so you can record your video. Learn more here.

Contact Information

Contact Kristi Rugg (kristi_rugg@nps.gov) and she’ll work with you to get your video up on the site, lend you a video kit, or help you edit your video into final form.


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