The CLP Team “Performs” at Wolf Trap

The CLP Team Hits the Road!

On Thursday, February 28, members of the Common Learning Portal team — Molly Russell, Tori Peterson, and Ryan Jennings — gave a tour of the CLP website at an event hosted by Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts (WOTR). Eleven staff members from WOTR and staff members from four nearby parks attended the session; 2 participants were from Prince William Forest Park, 3 were from George Washington Memorial Parkway, 2 were from Rock Creek Park, and 2 were from the National Capital Regional Office.

Two women peer through the window of a door with a sign that reads "Touring musicians and crew ONLY"
Backstage at Wolf Trap. Photo credit: NPS.

This “performance” covered:

  • The genesis of the CLP,
  • An introduction to a multi-tiered approach to learning, and
  • An in-depth tour of how to most effectively navigate and use the website.

A great Q&A session followed the presentation, which allowed attendees to pose general and specific questions about how they can use and share the CLP in their own park or program. The CLP team also addressed any challenges that attendees might be experiencing when trying to use the site.

Following the tour, staff from Wolf Trap gave their own behind-the-scenes tour of the only National Park unit dedicated to performing arts.

A group of NPS employees stand backstage at Wolf Trap.
Backstage of the Filene Center. NPS Photo.

Interested in Hosting a Similar Event?

If you or your park are interested in scheduling a similar event, please contact the CLP team.

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