The CLP Reaches 10K Users

A Milestone Reached

The CLP team has reached 10,000 users – hooray!

Many figures dressed in uniform and regular clothes stand together under a banner with the NPS arrowhead and text that reads "10,000 CLP Users!"

On behalf of the NPS Distance Learning Group, we’d like to say thank you to everyone across the NPS who has been a part of making the CLP one of the most powerful, interactive learning portals in the government. We look forward to continuing the journey of opening up new opportunities for shared learning and networking.

Each day more employees find value in the CLP and return. Because of this phenomenon, the CLP team anticipates even more programs joining the site and sharing training opportunities and resources to meet the ever increasing needs of our large and quickly growing community.

In an effort to continue to provide support, the CLP team recently announced CLP Monthly Tours to help our users more effectively navigate and use the site. Please join us as we explore the features and functionality of Training Events pages, Knowledge Park resources, Learning Activities, Program pages, and Commons Groups and Connections.


Do you have comments or suggestions? Let the CLP team know at clp@nps.gov. We’d love to hear from you!

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