New Special Use Permit Policy at Albright Training Center

Implementation of Special Use Permit Policy at Albright Training Center

Earlier this year, Albright Training Center began implementing a formal special use permit policy for the use of its training rooms and common areas. This new policy brings the training center into compliance with 36 C.F.R 5.3 Business Operations and related Special Use Permit (SUP) regulations, authorities and policies.

All non-NPS groups requesting the use of Training Center classrooms and common areas must submit a Special Use Permit application. The application includes a $50 application fee for each requested use and potentially additional costs for the set-up, monitoring and/or support of the permitted event. These additional costs vary by permit; we will determine all costs on a case-by-case basis.

All non-profit/non-NPS groups applying for a Special Use Permit must:

  • State in writing that they will earn no taxable income from their use of Albright’s facilities
  • Comply with all terms of the SUP, including cost recovery fees, insurance requirements and minimum wage requirements.

Organizations that held a facility use permit prior to this new policy implementation will have the $50 application fee waived. However, these groups may still pay cost recovery fees, if applicable.

Events held during regular business hours usually do not incur significant costs, but actual costs will be determined by the needs of each request.

Non-profit groups must submit evidence or a declaration of non-profit status and evidence of insurance when applying for a SUP.


Please contact Superintendent Brenda Karl for any questions regarding Special Use Permits at Albright Training Center, as well as any feedback or questions you may have about our facility.

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