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“If there’s some way for preservation as an idea to be part of people’s lives, I think that would benefit all of us.”

Image of Robert Melnick in a baseball cap carrying a camera at Fort Monroe, 2012.

The Park Cultural Landscapes Program has been compiling a series celebrating People in Preservation that highlights individuals whose significant contributions can be explored through their work in NPS landscapes.

Members of the Park Cultural Landscapes Program recently sat down to talk with Robert Melnick, Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon, to ask him questions about his career and history. Melnick is an educator with a proclivity for thoughtful listening and life-long learning, developed through years of interesting experiences.                              Robert Melnick at Fort Monroe (NPS Photo)                   

Please follow the link to this Preservation Profile interview with Robert Melnick for the audio and associated transcript, in which Melnick reflects on his early influences, memorable projects, and thoughts on the future of cultural landscape preservation.


Professor Robert Melnick and University of Oregon design studio students pose around wooden Santa Rosa Island, Channels Islands National Park sign, with wood fence and trees in background.






University of Oregon design studio at Santa Rosa Island, Channel Islands National Park (NPS Photo)

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