Recruiting Reviewers for the Albright-Wirth Grant Program (AWGP)

Reviewers Needed

The Albright-Wirth Grant Program is seeking interested employees to serve as part of the 2019 Albright-Wirth Grant panel of reviewers.

Reviewers will assist in reviewing, rating, and selecting the 2019 Albright-Wirth Grant recipients.

The Albright-Wirth Grant Program is a developmental opportunity that annually awards funding for personal and career development projects to National Park Service employees. The program is funded by the National Park Foundation and administered by the WASO Leadership Development Group.

About the Review Process

First, applications are vetted by the program coordinator. Then, 15-20 applications are distributed to reviewers who review, evaluate, and provide feedback on the applications. Reviewing each application takes approximately 25 minutes. Reviewers must be able to:

  • Begin application review after December 19, 2018, and complete reviews by January 30, 2019 or sooner.
  • Participate in a half hour instructional reviewer webinar on:
    • Wednesday, December 12, 2018 (either 11am ET or 3pm ET)
    • Thursday, December 13, 2018 (10am ET)
    • Friday, December 14, 2018 (2pm ET)
  • Review up to 20 applications.

Reviewer requirements:

  • Be a GS-11 or higher or the equivalent pay grade
  • Have supervisor approval
  • Not have an FY19 application request pending review for an Albright-Wirth Grant
  • Have access to an NPS network and government computer

All reviewers must commit to the dates, time frames, and requirements.


If interested, please contact Lisa Matarazzo.

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