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The Land Management Police Training Program (LMPT) is the basic law enforcement training program for officers primarily charged with enforcing natural resource laws, regulations, and violations with nexus to the public lands of the United States and its territories. The LMPT is 17 weeks in length and contains approximately 650 hours of instruction.  For NPS commissioned Rangers, the LMPT is supplemented with a one week required agency specific course of instruction called the Ranger Specific Basic Training Program (RSBTP) resulting in the entire program length being 18 weeks.


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Program Format

Description:  Basic Law Enforcement Training Program for employees seeking a Type I commission. The program includes classroom based learning around topical areas such as conflict management and the legal environment. Classroom instruction is supplemented by hands-on facilitated learning such as basic marksmanship, driver training, and arrest techniques.

Proficiency of skills is tested by both written assessments and practical exercises such as:

  • Scenario based training – Role playing in simulated field settings such as campsites wildlife viewing areas, and urban settings
  • Continuing Case Operation – Serves as the capstone project in which trainees follow a violation of the law from its inception, to prosecution – culminating with courtroom testimony

Length of Program:  17 weeks

Audience:  Current NPS Type II Rangers or Lateral Hires where applicable

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