NPSNext is a servicewide streamlined strategic planning process that draws from recent, inspirational field-based efforts that place employee engagement at the center. Through the NPSNext initiative, parks and programs will identify and align priorities and re-evaluate and recommit to the culture they want to have as an organization.

Visioning for the Second CenturyScreenshot of Workflow chart

NPSNext workflow process starts with a Readiness Assessment and continues with four distinct steps. These steps empower parks and units to find the local connection to national priorities. Starting with the park superintendent/unit manager, this four-part planning initiative invites employees to contribute to the vision and direction of the National Park Service for its second century of service.

Prepare – Take the Readiness Assessment and discuss results.

Engage – Find a facilitator and host planning workshop(s).

Arrow with hands in a circle overlayedCommit – Finalize and share park’s NPSNext strategic plan.

Sustain –  Act on commitments and establish ongoing updates.

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