The NPS Supervisory Foundations program specifies the training requirements for all new NPS supervisors. This three-part, DOITalent-based program is a suite of online self-guided courses and live virtual meetings.

NPS Supervisory Foundations

The NPS Supervisory Foundations program is a suite of online self-guided courses and live virtual meetings that are required to be completed within one year of starting a new supervisor position. Participants should:

    1. Complete the requirements in their suggested order (e.g., Part I should be completed first; Part II should be completed second; etc.);
    2. Self-enroll in the live virtual meetings for both Parts II & III (they are different), as soon as possible as seats are limited; and
    3. Work with your direct supervisors to ensure they are aware of the time requirement for the pre-course work and live virtual meetings.

Participants should be prepared to allocate about 50 hours of work time to complete all three parts, and will need to complete all of the requirements within one year from the date assigned in DOITalent.

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