The New Supervisors Development Program (NSDP) is an inter-bureau (NPS, FWS, BLM) suite of in-person/virtual and online courses that fulfills the training requirement for all new supervisors who are within one year of their initial appointment (5 CFR 412.202). NSDP provides new supervisors the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their job during their probationary period. You are required to complete this mandatory training in order to prepare you for your new position, regardless of whether or not you attended supervisory training at another agency. This course fulfills that requirement except for the 4 hours of EEO training that must be completed independently.

Program Format

Required Trainings:

  • Supervisory Skills Workshop (SSW) – In-person (on hold) – or – virtual course
  • Eight (8) Online Courses in DOI Talent


  • Supervisory Essentials in DOI Talent

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