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The New Supervisor Development Program (NSDP) is an inter-bureau course (NPS, FWS, BLM) that gives new supervisors the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their jobs during the first 12 months of their initial appointment to a permanent supervisory position. The program content focuses on the 40 hours of supervisory training outlined in OPM guidance (5CFR: 412.202).  This program does not include the required 4 hours of EEO training as that must be completed independently.

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Program Format

New supervisors begin the program by completing eight online modules in DOITalent. The modules are:

After completing the online modules, The Supervisory Skills Workshop (SSW) is a 3-day instructor-led residential program designed to help participants apply the knowledge gained from the online modules. Residential workshop topics include: conflict management, leveraging diversity, performance management, progressive discipline, motivation, and coaching techniques.

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