The Leadership Revolution (L-REV) is a profound personal and professional development experience devoted to growing your essential skills in a variety of leadership competency areas while maximizing “serendipitous people collisions” across the agency. Hosted by the Intermountain Region, this program is open to all NPS employees. Will you be part of the revolution?

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Meet The Team
About the Program

Leadership is not optional; it’s everyone’s responsibility, every day. Think about it. On a moment-to-moment basis, you lead yourself and influence those around you, through your actions and reactions, insights and goals, motivations and strategies. And how do you accomplish all this? A good majority of your success comes from activating your essential (or “soft”) skills.

Essential skills are life skills. These are the necessary proficiencies that you mobilize to lead yourself and others at work, at home, and in the community. The world is fast changing and these skills are always needed. In fact, they’re in high demand at every job and transferable to anything you do!

Leadership is not the job of formal leaders alone. Indeed, you are a leader right now. So how do you grow these essential leadership skills? First, you become aware of them. Then you cultivate, practice, rinse, and repeat good habits.

Using the immersive model of “consume – experiment – discover – teach – assess”, the Leadership Revolution (L-REV) is a unique development opportunity that nurtures and grows your essential skills in a safe and fun environment. It is a personal journey of self discovery and an activation of your already inherent super powers combined with a “productive collision” of participants from all parks, grades, and disciplines working alongside each other just as they do in the real world on a common mission to expand their leadership genius.

The time is now. Will you be part of the revolution?

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