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The Generating Organizational Advancement and Leadership (GOAL) Academy started as a grassroots program at the park level in Grand Canyon and has grown into one of the most sought-after nationally-based leadership programs in NPS.  Pairing top-notch development experts with examples of leadership excellence, this program offers an unsurpassed learning environment for leadership soft skills.

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Program Overview

Emphasizing the concept of Lead Where You Are Now, this annually-hosted program is a blended learning experience that includes approximately 250 curriculum hours over the course of 9 months (September 1 – May 31):

  • 3 in-person residential sessions (96.0 hours)
  • 8 webinars (21.0 hours)
  • 8 monthly assignments (48.0 hours)
  • a class project with presentations (50.0 hours)
  • a mentorship (18.0 hours)
  • 360-degree personal evaluations (4.0 hours)
  • an online asynchronous 5-week course (20.0 hours)

The GOAL Academy is centrally-funded, with all costs (tuition, travel, supplies) covered mutually by WASO Learning and Development and NPS Regional Offices. Regions 8, 9, 10, 12 (formerly the Pacific West Region) is continuing to monitor the budget situation and intend to cover most, if not all, of the participant costs. If you are in this region, please follow up with the regional employee development officer, meghan_kish@nps.gov, for follow-up questions.

Absolutely unmatched personal, peer, and professional development.” – – GOAL Academy graduate

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