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The Leadership Development Group provides opportunities through various programs, internal and external to the National Park Service, to further the personal and career development goals of all National Park Service employees.

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The Leadership Development Group supports the deliberate development of National Park Service personnel through progressive formal and informal learning opportunities (education, training, and self-development) that broaden experience and increase responsibility.

NPS Coordinated Programs

The Federal Executive Institute (FEI) is Is a four-week program targeted for Senior Executive Service (SES) members and GS-15s or equivalents. The learning program is held at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) FEI in Charlottesville, VA and comes in a variety of formats (four week residential,  two two-week residential (split session), and a blended learning program with both online and face-to-face sessions). The FEI Leadership for a Democratic Society uses the U.S. Constitution to guide participants in understanding the various goals of the government and the citizens they serve.  Participants in the program build their personal leadership skills, develop insights into organizational theory, the policy framework of how government leaderships occurs, and the broad global trends and events influencing government agendas.

The Albright Wirth Grant Program (AWGP) is an employee developmental program that awards grants to NPS employees to advance career goals.  Annually, the AWGP provides financial grants to qualifying employees in all career fields, grade levels and geographic locations who have three cumulative years of NPS work experience. To meet the NPS work experience requirement, an employee can be permanent, full or part-time, seasonal, temporary, or term.

The Roger Kennedy National Parks Fellowship Certificate Program was inspired by a gift from Roger and Frances Kennedy and made possible by Friends of Roger Kennedy. This graduate level certificate program is offered through the Environmental Resource Policy Program at the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at The George Washington University.

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