Congratulations on becoming a new supervisor with the National Park Service!

As a new supervisor, you will be assigned to the NPS Supervisory Foundations program in DOITalent to ensure all NPS supervisors are trained in the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their supervisory duties in order to accomplish the NPS mission.

he NPS Supervisory Foundations program specifies the training requirements for all new NPS supervisors. This three-part, DOITalent-based program is a suite of online self-guided courses and live virtual meetings. Participants should:

  1. Complete the requirements in their suggested order (e.g., Part I should be completed first; Part II should be completed second; etc.);
  2. Self-enroll (join waitlist) in the live virtual meetings for both Parts II & III in DOITalent (they are different), as soon as possible as seats are limited; and
  3. Work with your direct supervisor to ensure they are aware of the time requirement for the pre-course work and live virtual meetings.

Participants should be prepared to allocate about 50 hours of work time to complete all three parts, and will need to complete all of the requirements within one year from the date assigned in DOITalent.

Per LD-21-01 policy guidance, NPS Supervisory Foundations will fulfill the required training for new supervisors, within one year of an employee’s initial appointment to a supervisory position. You will also be asked to participate in a refresher training at least every three years, as mandated by 5 CFR 412.202.

If you are not a supervisor, or think you have been assigned this program in error, please contact your direct supervisor as your name was assigned to the NPS Supervisory Foundations program as the result of an action/entry in the Federal Personnel and Payroll System (FPPS). In order to correct this, a change will need to be made in FPPS by your park/program’s Administrative Officer or Human Resources office.

Thank you,
Leadership Development Group
NPS Learning & Development

For more information regarding this program and the driving policy, please review the NPS Supervisory Foundations SharePoint Site

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What is a "Supervisor"

Individual employed by an agency having authority… to hire, direct, assign, promote, reward, transfer, furlough, layoff, recall, suspend, discipline, or remove employees, to adjust their grievances, or to effectively recommend such action…
US Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 5 section 7103  10(10)

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