Supervision Is Not a Collateral Duty

As a supervisor, you have responsibilities–starting with making supervision your number one priority and a regular part of your daily work habits. Schedule time every week to build your leadership and supervision skills and to focus attention on your staff. (EPAPs, feedback, safety, IDPs, plan walk arounds, etc.)


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What is a "Supervisor"

Individual employed by an agency having authority… to hire, direct, assign, promote, reward, transfer, furlough, layoff, recall, suspend, discipline, or remove employees, to adjust their grievances, or to effectively recommend such action…
US Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 5 section 7103  10(10)

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Learning Support for Supervisors

  • Training Requirements for Supervisors
  • Learning Support For Supervisors
    • How to Managing People
    • How to Managing the Work Environment
    • How to Managing Resources- Physical, Financial, & System/Process
  • Additional Resources For Supervisors from OPM Framework for Supervision Development

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