Leading teams of interpreters and educators requires a host of critical skills from leadership competencies to coaching, training, mentoring, and supervisor. Here you will find resources specific to leading interpreters and educators. Be sure to also explore the Leadership Development Group for additional leadership programs and resources applicable to all employees.

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Ready to Lead in Our 2nd Century?

Interpretive Leadership is more than mastering the five Executive Core Qualifications (with 28 leadership competencies). It requires know how to lead interpreters and educators in the 21st Century. To that end, we are continually adding resource that help you to lead by providing tools to help you:

  • Train: check out the trainers guide for ACE and search the CLP for targeted learning resources to help your employees develop
  • Coach:  Use the I&E Peer Feedback Community to help coach your employees in the new 21st ce skills
  • Supervise: Updated standard EPAPs provide easily accessed guidance
  • Manage: Find critical guidance for systems and procedures in the new IMR Interpretation & Education Chief’s Handbook
  • Hire: New Standard Position Descriptions for the GS 5-7-9 Interpretive Park Rangers are now available and ready to implement.


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