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Historic preservation is a conversation with our past about our future. It provides us with opportunities to ask, “What is important in our history?” and “What parts of our past can we preserve for the future?” We play a central role in physical preservation, including stabilization, rehabilitation, restoration, and reconstruction.


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We’re the National Park Service and we preserve places and stuff and stories for the people. Preserving places is all about making them look like they used to, or keeping them from looking different than they do now. That sounds pretty straightforward, but if you drill down, it gets pretty complicated.┬áThe places we’re preserving might be a house, an airplane hanger, a water tower, a bronze monument or a fieldstone wall. It might be 50 years old or 250 years old. And the stuff it’s made from might not be found at your local home improvement store.┬áThat’s where we come in. We’re here to help you find the information, videos, manuals, and best practices for so you can preserve the stuff that makes up the places.


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