Building a Learning Ecosystem for YOU

To build technical skills for those of you promoting and protecting our national heritage, we try to continually expand our offerings. Whether you are looking to boost a particular skill, seeking a new mentor, or cruising for a new career, check out the programs below to find your next opportunity:

  • Administration and Business Services: ensures the NPS manages its funding effectively and efficiently, recruits, hires and trains employees with the right skills, manages and oversees commercial activities on Park lands
  • Cultural Resouce Stewardship: preserves cultural resources in cooperation with Indian tribes, Alaska Native villages and corporations, Native Hawaiian organizations, states, territories, local governments, nonprofit organizations, property owners, individuals, and other partners.
  • Facility Management and Operations: the facilities workforce focus on protecting the visitors, the resources and their co-workers in four major areas–Asset Management; Buildings, Utilities, and Trades; Historic Preservation; and Roads, Trails, and Grounds.
  • Interpretation and Education: I&E professionals help the public benefit from the rich natural and cultural heritage of the parks, by providing access to complex stories and science through educational exhibits, materials and programs.
  • Natural Resource Stewardship and Science: National Park Service employees working in, and associated with,natural resources stewardship, improve individual and interdisciplinary team performance through a competency-based curriculum and learning opportunities, resulting in proactive collaboration and partnerships to advance the mission of the National Park Service.
  • Visitor and Resource Protection: the VRP career track provides a pathway for all employees to acquire and refine their skills in successfully meeting job requirements, position competencies and personal development goals while accomplishing the NPS Mission.
  • Specialty Fields and Programs: A career field encompassing a wide variety of occupational series that do not lend themselves to an easily identifiable niche, including: Concession Management, International Affairs, Lands Management, Legislative Affairs, and Public Affairs.

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