Post-pandemic Resources for NPS Employees

As the NPS workforce begins to transition back to resuming normal operating conditions, the Department of Interior is offering training to help employees and supervisors navigate the post-pandemic workspace. Please return to this page often as it will be updated with information and training as it is made available.

Available Training

  • Leading in the Post-pandemic Workplace: This course will help leaders think about how to reconnect with and engage employees, review and rewrite policies, and redesign workspaces in the wake of a pandemic.
  • Navigating the Post-pandemic Workplace: This course focuses on how employees can foster their flexibility and resiliency in a post-pandemic workplace.
  • Safety Short: Coronaviruses and COVID-19: In this course, you’ll learn what COVID-19 is, who is at the highest risk of contracting it, how it’s transmitted, signs and symptoms, and precautions you should take to prevent and treat it.

Additional Resources

Looking for more information? The DOI All Employee COVID-19 Information Portal remains an excellent source of information to stay up-to-date on the Department’s response efforts and operational changes during the pandemic.

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