NPS Fundamentals Residential Program Accepting Applications from Mid-Career Employees – Limited Opportunity

Are you a permanent employee but never had the opportunity to attend NPS Fundamentals at Albright Training Center? For the May 21 – 31 and July 2 – 12, 2019 classes, several spots will be reserved for employees with permanent status who were not able to attend Fundamentals within their first years of service.

About Fundamentals

The Fundamentals training program is the foundation of an NPS career, creating opportunities for agency orientation and understanding, workforce collaboration, and commitment to fulfill the agency’s mission. The program is based on the solid foundation of the NPS Mission and Core Values, strategic initiatives, and most importantly the need for employees to better navigate within their agency.

These classes will be a mix of new and seasoned employees with generous opportunities to network and share knowledge. Mid-career employees will also be called upon to step into mentor roles with other students and complete additional soft skills training.

The NPS Fundamentals Program covers all associated travel expenses. Salary will continue to be paid by the employee’s work unit. Albright Training Center is located in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona.

Application Process

To apply, send an email to Kristin_Gibbs@nps.gov stating which class session you are interested in, your supervisor’s name and email, and how many years and months you have been a permanent employee.


Questions can be directed to Kristin Gibbs at Kristin_Gibbs@nps.gov. Additional information about the NPS Fundamentals Program can by found on the Common Learning Portal.

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