New Edition: Landscape Culture Newsletter, Winter 2023

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Winter 2023 Landscape Culture Newsletter

Announcing the Winter 2023 edition of the Landscape Culture newsletter, a quarterly publication the NPS Park Cultural Landscapes Program prepares for landscape stewards.

In This Issue

  • Announcing the Arborist Training Program 2021–22 Cohort Graduates
  • Rejuvenating Cane-Growing Shrubs
  • Employee Spotlight: Dovie Cagle
  • Tool of the Moment: Mini Handheld, Battery-Powered Chainsaw
  • Announcements, publications, and training opportunities!


A group of nine people in rows on a brick sidewalk in a garden, with oak trees in the background.
Arborist Training Program students and instructor at the bottle garden in Oakland Plantation at Cane River Creole National Historical Park during a field session (NPS).

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