New CLP Success Story: Highlighting Training Opportunities for NPS Employees

CLP Success Story: Matthew Morgan

Matthew Morgan Success Story Card
NPS employees face a wide range of challenges and often are tasked with creating innovative solutions to fit their needs. Fortunately, the CLP is a versatile tool that can adapt as employee needs shift. To this end, the CLP team periodically share the “success story” to highlight how the CLP has been used in new and creative ways. You can view a list of past success stories on this page. The latest success story features Matthew Morgan.


Matthew Morgan serves as a Maintenance Supervisor at Catoctin Mountain Park and is using resources and training events he has discovered on the CLP to support his employees and help them further develop their skills. Matthew also attended the Facility Management Leadership Program in 2016 to further hone his leadership skills.


At Catoctin Mountain Park in Maryland, there is no system in place for supervisors and those retiring professionals to pass on critical skills and institutional knowledge to the new generation of employees.


Matthew Morgan leads Catoctin’s Workforce Advisory Group, meeting monthly with colleagues to discuss challenges in supporting and developing new employees. Matthew has found the NPS’’s Common Learning Portal (CLP) a valuable resource to provide new employees with a wide range of learning opportunities.

“The CLP is a great starting place to network with others with your same interests across NPS. You have access to it anytime, without having to travel.”

Matthew brings visibility to learning resources and works with each team member to create an Individual Development Plan (IDP). He encourages them to use those resources on the Common Learning Portal (CLP) to achieve their professional development goals.

The CLP is a powerful new tool for both the supervisor and the employee in the IDP process. The CLP helps to bridge the gap in the supervisor-employee relationship surrounding employee professional development and performance. Until the CLP, employees and supervisors were constantly searching through a variety of resources to find trainings and opportunities that would meet their professional development needs. Now, this shared space exposes the employee to resources and knowledge, and provides the supervisor with the resources to support their employees’career aspirations and help them succeed.


Matthew has a vision to formalize training and development for his team members with the goal of expanding their understanding of the NPS and the park’s history. He wants to be able to have his staff understand their purpose in the NPS mission. He connects them with the resources on the CLP to access training opportunities that will help them complete their IDP and achieve the goals they’ve set. #FindYourPark

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