New CLP Success Story: Collaborative Information Exchange Across the Service

CLP Success Story: Lia Nigro

Lia Nigro Success Story Card
NPS employees face a wide range of challenges and often are tasked with creating innovative solutions to fit their needs. Fortunately, the CLP is a versatile tool that can adapt as employee needs shift. To this end, the CLP team periodically share the “success story” to highlight how the CLP has been used in new and creative ways. You can view a list of past success stories on this page. The latest success story features Lia Nigro. Lia uses the CLP to cultivate new connections and open discussions with subject matter experts that can help further her research.


Lia Nigro works with the National Park Service in the Park Cultural Landscapes Program. Part of her job entails collaborating with subject matter experts to coordinate the creation and maintenance of the Cultural Landscape Program’s web pages on nps.gov, and their intranet site.


Before the CLP, knowledge resources and tools existed but there was no easy way to share this expertise across programs and with parks; employees were unable to crowdsource or get the perspectives of other employees outside of their most immediate circle of colleagues.


Lia Nigro stresses the importance of the CLP as a knowledge hub; a platform that fosters existing connections and promotes new ones. The CLP connects individuals to the larger NPS community to provide guidance, share information, and to support one another. It connects new employees to colleagues, coaches, and mentors. It connects experienced employees with each other to discuss best practices in their professions and to showcase the latest developments in their fields.

“The CLP has helped me to think more about the process of how we come to know what we know – what tools and training are necessary, what’s the order, who knows what and how we make sense of new information. I think the CLP has helped me to ask a lot of questions about learning.”

In her work, Lia connects with other employees in parks and from different programs to heighten her own and others’ awareness of the many resources and opportunities available on the CLP. She engages with SMEs from a variety of professional fields, facilitating and encouraging them to share their knowledge and expertise by contributing to the CLP. Through the CLP’s social networking platform, the Commons, Lia now has a powerful tool to reach out across our geographically dispersed NPS landscape, where we can co-create the 21st century NPS, learning from one another through an unfiltered exchange of information and ideas. In doing her part to bridge the knowledge gap, Lia has discovered a learning environment that enables powerful professional development opportunities that underline teamwork, collaboration, creativity, and innovation.


In order to coordinate the creation of the Cultural Landscape website and her team’s intranet, Lia depends on the connections she’s fostered in the CLP to succeed in her role. Lia spends time working with subject matter experts in the Cultural Landscapes Program, often using the CLP to check for content accuracy directly with her sources. She recognizes that where she may have a gap in knowledge, employees with expertise in other fields (such as Landscape Architecture) are able to fill that gap. The CLP allows her to maintain the connections and connect the right people with the right information. #FindYourPark

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