Meet the Regional Coordinators

Cooperating Association Coordinators

Do you have questions about Cooperating Associations and Partnerships? There are Coordinators within your Region that can help you.

Interior Region 1 – National Capital Area

Justin Monetti – Regional Chief of Interpretation and Education
Contact: justin_monetti@nps.gov

Interior Region 1 – North Atlantic Appalachian

Christie Anastasia – Chief of Partnerships and Tourism
Contact: christie_anastasia@nps.gov

Interior Region 2 – South Atlantic Gulf

Melissa English-Rias – Interpretive Specialist
Contact: melissa_english-rias@nps.gov

Interior Region 3, 4, 5 – Great Lakes, Mississippi and Missouri Basins

Tom Richter – Regional Manager for Interpretation, Education, and Volunteers
Contact: tom_richter@nps.gov

Interior Region 6, 7, 8 – Arkansas – Rio-Grande – Texas Gulf, Upper and Lower Colorado Basins

Krista Muddle – Regional Partnership Coordinator
Contact: krista_muddle@nps.gov

Interior Region 9, 10, 12 – Columbia-Pacific Northwest, California-Great Basin, Pacific Islands

Sheri Forbes – Chief of Interpretation and Education
Contact: sheri_forbes@nps.gov

Interior Region 11 – Alaska

Megan Richotte – Regional Team Leader, Interpretation & Education Youth Programs & Partnerships
Contact: megan_E_richotte@nps.gov

WASO Cooperating Associations Program Manager

Monique Vanlandingham, Servicewide Cooperating Association Program Manager
Contact: monique_vanlandingham@nps.govĀ 

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