Lodging Rate Change at Albright Training Center

Increase to Lodging and M&IE Rates at Albright Training Center

In an effort to better meet its operational costs and provide improved services to guests, Albright Training Center is increasing its nightly lodging rates.

The new Albright Training Center lodging and M&IE rates are:

  • NPS personnel on official travel: $80 lodging/$66 M&IE
  • Non-NPS Government lodgers:¬†Grand Canyon established¬†GSA rate
  • Additional guests: $10 per night (fee covers ALL additional guests). This fee is not payable by GOVCC and must be paid by the traveler.

Concur Travel System has removed the Albright Training Center location as an option for travel authorizations and vouchers. Travelers should choose the Grand Canyon location for all travel.

The funds collected through lodging costs remain at Albright for cost recovery, operational costs, and maintenance to the apartments. The rate increase will help us narrow the gap between the cost of operations and expenditures. The increase will also enable staff to continue to provide excellent lodging and service for those staying and training at our facility.

NPS travelers should submit a copy of their travel authorization with their Albright Lodging Request.


Please contact Superintendent Brenda Karl for any questions regarding the rate change, as well as any feedback or questions you may have about Albright Training Center.

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