Worksheet: Designing an Arc of Dialogue


This worksheet is designed to help field rangers brainstorm, craft and revise dialogic interpretive experiences. Adapted from work undertaken by the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience, this worksheet begins with resource brainstorming and works towards developing questions for each of the phases of dialogue.

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  1. This is a really great resource for brainstorming and developing dialogic programs – I’ve found it to be useful both for newer and more experienced facilitators. This worksheet provides space and guidance for developing all the elements of an arc of dialogue, but doesn’t get into detail about transitioning from the “Foundation” section into the “Design” section – ie, it doesn’t delve into how to build the “Foundation” brainstorm on the first page into successful questions on the second. This isn’t really a fault of the worksheet tool, but because of this it might be most useful in combination with more in-depth training and the Facilitated Dialogue Handout: https://mylearning.nps.gov/library-resources/handout-facilitated-dialogue/

    So: A great tool but not a standalone worksheet for beginners (by design, I’m guessing.)


  2. This is a great resource- especially in conjunction with other handouts relating to dialogue. I really like how it walks the interpreter through the different steps to create a good dialogue program.


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