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What is the Purpose of the Facility Maintenance Workforce Development Guide?

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The Facility Maintenance Workforce Development Guide outlines a self-initiated improvement program in which individuals have control over their own professional development. The purpose of the guide is to accomplish the following:

  • Advance the profession of facility management through education and training, focusing on continual, self-initiated learning that is coupled with NPS facility manager competencies
  • Help users identify and access training and education resources that will assist them in meeting their professional development goals
  • Develop an individual development plan (IDP) that will identify the level of professional growth required or desired
  • Guide individuals interested in pursuing a career in facility management toward learning opportunities needed to transition into the profession

Who is a Facility Manager?

Across the Service, a facility manager may be the senior trade person, a landscape architect or engineer, a park ranger, the Chief of Operations, an Administrative Officer, or an individual classified in the 1600 series (Equipment, Facilities, and Services Group).
Despite these varying types of jobs, those serving in the role of facility manager oversee and coordinate the following:
  • The planning, prioritizing, and organization of facilities-related efforts to reinforce NPS activities in support of the NPS and park unit mission
  • The application of sound business practices in the planning, acquisition, operation, maintenance, and disposal of capital investments
  • The development of project proposals and their incorporation into the long-term planning process to better align them with strategic and mission needs
  • The continued personal development and professional competence of subordinates
  • The assignment of tasks, delegation of responsibilities, and evaluation of subordinates
  • The creation and monitoring of subordinates’ professional development plans


Building the Facility Management Profession through Lifelong Learning

Competent, well-prepared facility managers are absolutely essential to the continued successful management of our parks’ assets and equipment. The facility manager is a leader; he or she is tasked with identifying skills needed in the workforce and assuring that his or her employees are trained to execute the facility management function with excellence.
Training and education are also useful to those in the maintenance field as they apply to specific job duties beginning with the WG-2 level employee. Training and education opportunities assist those seeking to be promoted to the level of facility manager or for those currently working in other NPS divisions who would like to move into the facility management profession.

“My challenge to each of you is to take responsibility for your own career. Using the competencies, complete a self-assessment, create a professional development plan, and follow it through. Additionally, keep an eye on your peers and subordinates. Find the best, bring them under your wing, and bring them along for the ride.

Most importantly, enjoy your time with the NPS. It is truly an honorable way to serve your country while preserving America’s treasures.”  – Tim Harvey


Two short courses help employees and supervisors navigate through the workforce development process. Click on the appropriate link below to access the courses (in progress – coming soon).

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Workforce Development for Employees
Computer key with the words Micro-Learning written on it
Workforce Development for Supervisors





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