Work-Related Burnout

As National Park Service employees, we are a dedicated group of people driven by our passion for the work we do and the amazing places we get to do that work. Every year on the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, NPS employees consistently respond to the questions, “When needed I am willing to put in the extra effort to get a job done” and “The work I do is important” with some of the highest percentages of all federal employees. NPS employees also consistently respond to questions in the FEVS “Work/Life Balance Index” with mid-range or lower percentages. One conclusion that can be drawn from these survey responses is that NPS employees might be prime candidates for work-related burnout.

Are you burnout prone?

Take this short Burnout Self Test to see how you fare.

What can you do about burnout?

If you’d like to increase your odds of avoiding work-related burnout, here are some resources to:

What have you done?

In a response below, add to the conversation with what you’ve done or ideas you have about recognizing, avoiding, or recovering from work-related burnout.

NPS Fundamentals

Many long-tenured NPS employees comment about the positive impact attending Fundamentals had on their careers. Still, many NPS employees have not attended the NPS Fundamentals Program which is designed to introduce new employees to the breadth of the NPS Mission. To help meet the needs of mid-career employees who never had the opportunity to attend Fundamentals–and help stave off potential burnout–the Fundamentals Program has developed a curriculum that integrates mid-career employees into some classes. The Fundamentals Program for Mid-Career Employees is a great way for long-tenured employees to share their experiences with new employees, expand their and the new employees’ networks, and take part in sessions designed specifically to help mid-career employees avoid work-related burnout.

If you’re interested in NPS Fundamentals, check out the links above and contact the Fundamentals Program Manager for more information.

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